A history of Steampunk Music:

I wanted to create a free source for people to check out streaming steampunk music.  While, it is true that there is no completely agreed upon definition of what constitutes "steampunk music", there have evolved a certain set of bands and aesthetics which are at the forefront of the establishment of the genre and we are here to shre them with you!

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Steampunk Music:

Steampunk music can be understood as belonging to the 21st century and often consists of bands incorporating older, traditional styles of music with modern contemporary electronic elemenets.  The older styles can range in source from jazz, to classical, to world music, but it is the merger of sounds from the presenet electronic age that generally makes the music to be considered steampunk.  This means our streams can contain the post-1945 modern forms of post-tonal music, such as serial music, electroacousitc music, musique conrete, atonal music, and minimalist music), world fusion electronica, electroswing, and more! In addition to music from the acadmic world, our streams also contain many exmples of the finest works coming from film score composers, game music composers, avantgarde contemporary classical musicians, and bands working in the neoclassical and post modern genres, all blended into set lists that  make sense with one another.